8 best yoga poses for back pain

best yoga poses for back pain

In the fast-paced routine of a career-driven women where deadlines loom and the expectations from the both work and family appear ceaseless, the silent suffering of back pain frequently integrates itself into the fabric of her everyday life.

Meet Smita, my aunt, a hardworking teacher. Her story is kind of like a superhero’s journey filled with challenges and victories, but also with a constant backache tagging along like a silent sidekick.

Think Smita, working away at her desk like a computer sorceress, handling all her tasks with superhero like precision. Now here’s the catch – the pressure from meetings looming deadlines and the endless rush against the time creates a sort of dark cloud over her back, causing a lingering discomfort that sticks around. And as her job gets crazier, so does the pain in her back, making each work day feel like a subtle fight against this ongoing ache that tries to dampen superhero vibes.

In the middle of Smita’s busy life, her friend introduces her best yoga poses for back pain. She decided to give a try.

Smita found empowerment over both her body and mind through practice. Let us uncover these yoga poses that were the backbone of Smita’s journey and find how they can bring relief and fresh energy to the lives of hardworking women everywhere.

Yoga for back pain-beginners

Yoga poses for back pain relief, addressing both the upper and lower region of the spine. For alleviating upper back pain, poses often focus on opening the chest, stretching the shoulders and promoting better postures. These may include gentle backbends, shoulder stretches and twists that release tension in upper back muscles.

Conversely, for lower back pain relief, yoga poses emphasize stretches that target the hamstring, hip and lower back muscles. Gentle forward bends, hip openers and poses that strengthen the core can contribute to increased flexibility and stability in the lower back, often easing discomfort.

Whether you are a beginner or new to yoga, incorporating easy yoga poses for back pain into your practice can be a gentle yet effective way to promote spinal health and alleviate back pain.

Best yoga poses for upper back pain

Upper back pain often happens when the muscles and joints in the upper part of your back become strained or stressed. This can be due to poor posture spending long hours at a desk or carrying heavy bags. Sometimes it is caused by injuries or tension that builds up in the muscles over time.

Yoga poses that focus on gentle stretches and movements can help release tension in the upper back and improve posture.

Yoga for upper back pain

Cat-Cow Stretch

yoga poses for back pain relief
  • Hand, knees in a table top position.
  • Inhale, arch your back (Cow pose).
  • Lift your head and tailbone.
  • Exhale, round your spine (Cat pose).
  • Tuck your chin to your chest.
  • Repeat for a gentle warm-up.

Benefits: This flowing movement warms up the spine improving flexibility and mobility in the upper back. Arching and rounding actions provide a gentle massage for the back muscles.

Child’s Pose

yoga for upper back pain
  • Kneel sit back on heels
  • Extend arms forward, forehead on the mat.

Benefits: Stretches the upper back providing relief. Promotes relaxation and release tension in the shoulders and upper spine.

Thread the needle

  • Start in table top position.
  • Slide right arm under left, bringing shoulder and ear to the mat.
  • Hold, switch sides.

Benefits: Stretches and opens the upper back and shoulders. Improves mobility in the thoracic spine, providing relief from stiffness.

Puppy Pose

  • Start in table top.
  • Walk hands forward, lowering chest towards the mat.
  • Keep hips above the knees, arms stretched out.

Benefits: Elongates the spine, creating a stretch in the upper back and shoulders.

Seated Forward Bend

  • Sit with legs extended.
  • Hinge at hips, reach towards toes.

Benefits: Stretches the entire back, especially beneficial for the upper back. Release the tension in the spine, promoting lengthening in back muscles.

Cow face pose arms

easy yoga poses for back pain
  • Bring right arm behind back.
  • Left arm overhead, down the centre of the back.
  • Clasp hand or use a strap.
  • Switch arms, repeat.

Benefits: Opens shoulders and upper back. Improve flexibility and relieves tightness in the upper back and trapezius muscles.

Upper back release with eagle arms

  • Extend arms in front.
  • Cross right arm under left.
  • Bend elbows, bring palms to touch or hold shoulders.
  • Lift elbows feeling a stretch between shoulder blades.

Benefits: Provide a deep stretch between the shoulder blades, releasing tension in the upper back. Improves shoulder mobility.

Supported fish pose

  • Place a yoga block horizontally under upper back.
  • Extend or bend legs.
  • Relax, breathe deeply, allowing chest to open.

Benefits: Supports the upper back, gently opening the chest and upper spine. Improves postures and relieves tightness.

Best Yoga for lower back pain

Lower back pain is quite common and can result from a variety of factors. It might occur due to muscles strain from lifting heavy objects improperly or from sitting for extended periods without proper support.

The disc in the spine can also wear down with age, leading to discomfort. Yoga can be beneficial for lower back pain by strengthening the core muscles, improving flexibility and promoting better alignment.

Yoga pose for lower back pain

Downward facing dog is best yoga poses for back pain

  • Start on your hand and knees.
  • Lift your hips forward the ceiling, straightening your legs.
  • Press your palms into the mat, heels reaching towards the floor.

Benefits: Stretches the hamstring and lower back. Helps relieves tension and strengthen the muscles supporting the lower back.

Child’s Pose with side stretch

  • Begin in child pose.
  • Walk your hands to one side, stretching the side of your body.
  • Hold, then switch to the other side.

Benefits: Provides a deeper stretch to the lower back and sides. Alleviates tension and improves flexibility.

Upward facing Dog

is surya namaskar good for back pain
  • Lie on your stomach, legs extended.
  • Lift your upper body, keep palms next to your chest.
  • Keep feet on the mat.

Benefits: Strengthens the lower back muscles and stretches the front of the torso. Promotes flexibility and can alleviate discomfort.

Bridge Pose

yoga for lower back pain and hips

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  • Bend your knees, while lying on your back.
  • Lift your hips towards the ceiling by pressing through your feet.
  • Clasp your hands under your back and lift your chest.

Benefits: Strengthens the lower back, glutes and hamstring. Helps in alleviating lower back pain.

Knee-to-chest Pose

  • Bring your knees towards your chest while lying on your back.
  • Hug your knees, keeping your back on the mat.

Benefits: Gently stretches the lower back and help release tension.

Pigeon pose

  • From a table-top position, bring your right knee forward toward your right wrist.
  • Extend your left leg behind you.
  • Square your hips and lower your chest towards the mat.
  • Repeat on the other side.

Benefits: Pigeon pose is yoga for lower back pain and hips tightness, providing a deep stretch that promotes flexibility.

How to relieve back pain?

Yoga can be a wonderful practice for relieving and preventing back pain. The gentle stretches and movements in yoga help strengthen core muscles and promote better posture.

Individuals often wonder, Is surya Namaskar good for back pain? this yoga sequence, blending strength, flexibility and mindfulness, has the potential to provide relief and foster spinal health when practiced with proper awareness and modifications.

Adding these best yoga poses for back pain to your regular routine can play a significant role in alleviating overall discomfort.

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